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    Dry Fish Food
  • Freeze Dried Plankton

    An abundance of proteins and lipids makes these plankton ideal food supplement for invertebrates and medium to large fish. Their heavy concentration of beta carotene brings out the color of your fish. Recommended For: All Freshwater Barbs, Sharks, Silver Dollars and all Saltwater Angelfish, Damsels, Clownfish, Groupers, and Eels.

  • Jumbo Krill

    Jumbo Krill Tetra Starting at: $7.49 Fillet mignon for large tropical and marine fish: the ultimate appetite enhancer is here! Jumbo Krill provide an excellent source of protein, fat, roughage, and vitamin E to help keep your fish looking their healthiest. These whole, large shrimp are especially high in carotids to promote maximum pink, orange and red coloration.