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Because every project is unique,we like to work closely with our clients to create a beautiful aquarium for you. Depending on the individual needs of each client we can pull resources from other fields such as Custom Cabinet builders and Interior designers to meet special needs.

Freshwater Products
Saltwater Products
200 gal. Freshwater w/maple cabinet
Twin 120 gal. Saltwater Bubble Tanks
80 gal. Freshwater
Cube Tank
120 gal. Saltwater w/Custom Cabinet
80 gal. Freshwater
150 gal. Freshwater 
240 gal.Saltwater
65 gal. Saltwater
110 gal.Freshwater
40 gal. Twin Bubble  Freshwater Tanks
280 gal. bow Front  Saltwater
185 gal. saltwater w/artificial coral
135 gal. Saltwater w/custom Cabinet
135 gal. Saltwater w/Marble Formica Cabinet
90 gal. Freshwater Bow Front Tank
30 gal. Saltwater Tube tank
350 gal. Saltwater w/custom Oak cabinet