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Fish care does the maintenance:
We offer maintenance for Freshwater, Saltwater aquariums, koi ponds and waterfalls
- Weekly
- Bi-weekly 
- Or monthly
We sell Saltwater Fish, Freshwater Fish, and Koi,  Marine & Freshwater Fish Foods,  Koi Food, filters, lights, air pump, decorations, plants for ponds ect. 
We offer consultation on design requirements for maintaining healthy environments for fish aquariums and fish ponds.

Because every Aquarium and Pond are unique, this is only a general list of some of the services and products that we offer.   We also have access to resources from other fields if necessary . 

Services Available:
- Maintenance for Aquariums and Ponds 
- Identify disease 
- Consult on Design Fresh & Salt Water Aquariums
- Consult on Design Koi Ponds & Waterfalls
- Aquarium Moving
- Koi Transporting
- Water Testing
-Spring Cleaning on Koi ponds
-Consultation & Estimates
Types of products available:
- Custom & Standard Aquariums(Saltwater & Freshwater)
- Complete aquarium systems
- Fresh Water Products
- Salt Water Products
- Pond Products
- Pond Water Plants
- Pond filter & Pumps
- Pond Liners
- Fish Foods (Saltwater, Freshwater and Koi food)

We quarantine and guarantee fish and water plants for our maintenance clients!!! 
click on picture to see more ponds we  service

Click on picture to see more of Aquariums we service