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Customer Testimonials
“My pond looks amazing. Thank you, Fish care unlimited. !!
​"I can't even begin to tell you how pleased I am about the service, you have exceeded my expectations, my experience with your business has been wonderful and now I know why my friend referred me to your company  for my pond maintenance." 
Jackie, Los Angeles, Ca

"Thank you Steve/fish man for your maintenance on my tank"
“I recently called your company to help me with  my Saltwater Tank.  I must say that I am so pleased by your service.  I love how clean and beautiful my tank looks, my fish are so happy and so am I.  Thank you for being so helpful!” Fish man.
The Aldelsayed family
Valencia, Ca

"thank god we found you"​
We are so happy with the way our pond looks now!!! Before your company was taking care our pond it was so green we could hardly see our fish, we tried several companies to clear our pond but none of the other companies were able to resolve the problem, we were tired of dumping money into the pond and not getting results, we were ready to fill the pond in with dirt !!! Now we are so happy that we tried one more time, since Fish Care took over the maintenance of the pond it has been crystal clear , the fish and plants look so beautiful, we enjoy the pond so much now. Charlie says he thinks we have the most beautiful pond in Bakersfield.
Thank you, so much Steve
Joan Bison, Bakersfield, Ca 

​Fish Care Unlimited has been the "caregiver" of our Koi for more than ten years to our complete satisfaction; the fish have thrived. Our pond has been so healthy that our fish have produce beautiful babies Fish Care is reachable 24/7 by phone, emergency calls are promptly answered; if a house call is needed, they are here.  We highly recommend Fish Care Unlimited.
Mike & Barbara Baar

Steve and Fish Care are great. They’re knowledgeable, care about what they do, and provide excellent customer service. When talking with Steve, you realize you’re dealing with an expert who has a passion for what he does. Thorough, professional, knowledgeable, honest, fair, caring, really cool fish….I love my tank. Thank you, Fish Care.

Ken CA

When we first hired Steve at Fishcare, he took a horrible looking fish tank that killed fish on a routine basis and created a beautiful  aquarium habitat with a very a stable, thriving environment. We were so impressed that when we moved locations we had Steve design our new, larger tank. Steve has always been very dependable and also available for emergency service. 
Debbie Tapia
Office Manager
Valencia Children's Dental Group